Sweeping and Litter Control

Each year, our New England weather causes hundreds of thousands of tons of sand and salt to be applied to parking lots. When springtime arrives, what helped us in January becomes an unsightly and damaging product in April. Mark-A-Lot, Inc. can handle all your parking lot and construction sweeping needs. At Mark-A-Lot, Inc. we have an entire fleet of sweepers and vacuum trucks ready to remove the sand and salt from your parking area helping to restore the curb appeal of your business. Whether you need routine parking lot sweeping with an industrial vacuum machine or a mechanical broom sweeper that can handle the most rugged requirements. Let our experienced personnel handle your specific application:

  • Routine Commercial and Retail Parking Lot Sweeping
  • Construction Projects
  • Milling Operations


Mark-A-Lot, Inc. has a fleet of full-sized sweepers to clean up roadways and parking lots. These sweepers are able to clean up sand and other small debris. These sweepers are not equipped to pick up trash and large debris.

Litter Control

If sweepers are not sufficient for your type of job, then Mark-A-Lot, Inc. also has a full suite of Litter Control Vehicles or also known as Vacuum Trucks (Vac-Trucks for short). These Vac Trucks use suction to pick up debris and dirt. This allows the vehicle to better handle litter found in the parking lots like bags and bottles. Mar-A-Lot also can provide small litter pick-ups by hand and porter service. Porter service involves changing the trash receptacles in your parking lot.

Whatever your pavement cleaning or maintenance needs are, give our professional team a call at (781)767-1900 or fill out our online form to request an estimate.