Pavement Markings - we use only the highest quality premium paint and products.

At Mark-A-Lot, Inc. we can provide all of your pavement marking needs. We offer pavement marking services in paint and thermoplastic. Please see the information below on the different types of services we provide. We offer services to provide new layout and paint services, as well as, repainting faded and worn-out markings on all projects. Mark-A-Lot, Inc. is able to provide our services for all your needs, from small temporary markings to large shopping centers & malls.

Paint Types

Chlorinated Rubber (Oil-Based) Paint: This oil-based paint that Mark-A-Lot, Inc. uses is Low-VOC and provides excellent durability. 


  • Harder finish than water-based paints
  • Repels water when wet
  • Cures more readily in colder temperatures and overall is more tolerant of adverse weather conditions


  • Cannot be applied to seal coated asphalt

Water-Based (latex) Traffic Paint: This Water-Based paint that Mark-A-Lot, Inc. uses has a slightly lower VOC over oil-based however it has more disadvantages than oil-based paint. 


  • Environmentally friendly choice
  • The only choice that works well over seal coated asphalt
  • Easy-clean up with water when wet
  • For use on new concrete (after 30 days) & new asphalt (after 14 days cured is recommended for best results).
  • Fast-drying for easy traffic control
  • Low VOC -below 100g/L
  • Bright color for crisp lines
  • Excellent bead retention


  • Susceptible to freezing
  • Slow evaporation rate that varies depending on the temp and humidity
  • Best applied when and surface temperatures are above 50 F and relative humidity is below 85%


Liquid-Applied Thermoplastic: An environmentally friendly compound containing pigments, glass beads, binder, and fillers which become a liquid is heated above 400º F and applied before it cools and hardens. Thermoplastic is typically heated in a tank and then is applied to the ground in liquid form. Once it dries, the thermoplastic becomes a solid material. Thermoplastic provides superior durability and is mostly applied to pavement markings in roadways.

Only available in white and yellow.

Typical projects where liquid-applied thermoplastics are used:

  • Centerline
  • Edge line
  • Lane Line
  • Skips
  • Crosswalks

Preformed Thermoplastic:  Thermoplastic can also be applied in preformed sections. These sections have been manufactured and can provide more custom colors and designs than regular Liquid-Applied Thermoplastic. They are placed on the ground and heated with a torch to melt the sections and bond them to the asphalt.

Typical projects where preformed thermoplastics are used:

  • Bike Lanes
  • Arrows
  • Text
  • Customizable

Whatever your striping & marking needs are, give our professional team a call at (781)767-1900 or fill out our online form to request an estimate.

oil based street painting
parking lot marking
handicap parking spot marking
using a torch to melt thermoplastic pavement marking
thermoplastic pavement marking